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If you have Health Net Insurance and are a black birthing person, you can get FREE DOULA CARE!!!

I am honored to be a Doula Supervisor and Course Leader for this hallmark Los Angeles County program offered by Health Net and The Association of Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health.

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Khefri is deeply connected with the earth, has a rich soul, and shares knowledge rooted in ancient tradition. All the while, she has a spirit that is light and free that keeps her present in the here-and-now, which offers her the gift of sharing wisdom relevant to modern society. Her expansive ability supplies her the fuel to help women, men, and babies on their journey through transition, be it prenatal, postpartum, feeding, sleeping, or identity shifts through changing roles as parents. She holds the space to allow life to emerge, while her myriad experiences offer concrete facts to guide the experience.
— Jen R.

Mommas...I know it is hard to raise these kids and raise our vibration at the same time. As incredibly loving and mind-blowing the experience of motherhood is, there is a shadow side to parenting. A facet of life that asks us to dig deep, unearthing a strength we didn't know we had, embodying innate wisdom that is found through the daily trials and tribulations of woman/motherhood/parenthood. We are living through extended rites of passage. Our crowns are hard earned! I like mine to be lit and tilted to the side.

I have tended my father during hospice and transition; I am my teenage son's special education advocate, I keep all systems running as a single mother and fempreneur, I have witnessed my mother survive 4th stage breast cancer, taken the tender journey through dementia with her and most recently laid her precious soul to rest. I was sacred witness and gateway doula for a dear birth client as she passed away peacefully from aggressive cancer in the postpartum period after the birth of her second daughter. 

At the births I attend, amniotic fluid splashes at my feet and often mixes with my own tears. I feel that I am swimming in a compassionate ocean of deliverance. Deliverance to my own divine birthright. 

Women, mothers and parents may be tired, frustrated, overwhelmed and most likely don't get enough sleep, sex, exercise or meditation. (Sleep? Sex? A walk? Must I choose?) My desire is for us to collectively reawaken our soulful selves within the circle of womanhood, and to experience the incredible knowing of the Goddess that is inside all of us. Delivering us to our own sacred sensual selves. I welcome you to:

Summon your feminine energies.
Reignite that unique female fire.
Let your sweet rivers flow.
Breathe a little deeper.
Burn a little hotter.
Root into eternal ecstatic essence.
Enter the spiral.

In Joyful Expansion,


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