Your Life Transformation, for the lasting change you deserve.

Intuitive SENSUAL Processing for Womxn wanting joy.


As a women’s mysteries teacher, mentor and coach, I guide women to awaken their Goddess Power in a sensual, magical and dynamic way.  We are in a constant state of renewal and rebirth.

Create the life you deserve and reconnect to the collective inner grace to fulfill your human potential.


Let’s Spiral together and activate your Original Goddess Mode. 
And ladies…
This ain’t a factory setting.

Claim your joy by getting in touch with your devotional divine nature.
When you shine your true light, by remembering your feminine essence, you tap into the Creative Primal Force.


Private Online Mentoring to Activate Your Extra Sensual Nature

"I am the dream of the great mothers before me.

I am made whole in her Divine Womb. I give birth to Love.

I have laid down and split myself open for my lovers, career, dreams or my children.

It is now time to piece myself together again, offering myself as a living altar, for the liberation of all beings.”

"Are you out of sync or out of instinct?” In these high conflict times, you may feel drained, like you are in survival mode, having lost the discipline of self awareness and focus. Who are you to focus on your soulful self? Ask yourself: WHO ARE YOU NOT TO?

We may compare our lives to other women as we complain, compete, and put ourselves down, reaching outside of our selves for completion and find our souls in a state of depletion.

I invite you to cultivate your Subtle Design and nourish your sacred center through spiritual practices that help you use your precious time wisely and create a radiant soul. To relax into your divine nature by focusing on your EVOLUTIONARY SELF. These online practices will tune us into the subtle powers that we possess as women.

We are all flowing, creative, magnetic, nurturing, and prayerful. Our presence alone can heal or destroy. It is time to reconfigure our essence to our divine set point of the Infinite Cosmic Mother. This is your call to the Sacred Sanctum.

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cultivate the awareness of your subtle faculties.

  • Femininity Cultivation and Reception.

  • Appreciation and Gratitude Practice.

  • Generation of Attraction through Divine Feminine Mysticism.

  • Clarity of Desires and Magnification with Magnetism.

  • Manifest more of what you desire: business, personal, spiritual.

  • Intimately Share, Breathe, Journal, Envision, Become.

  • Natural Rituals, Herbal Support, Deep Relaxation, Binaural Sounds. 

  • Sensual Yogic Movement

  • Effective Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • In person event and group event

Please note this program is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please agree to terms and conditions of site (click here).




“Thinking about your Womb Meditation I did last summer. My four essays that I wrote that evening after the Womb Meditation got me into my #1 internship site, Stanford for 2016-2017 school year. Thank you for helping my channels flow. You are a blessing. Also, I have my surgery next week on Wednesday to remove my womb. The scared time together has taken on new import. At my next Womb Meditation, I'll need to affirm my womanhood "womb or not" following my May 11th surgery. You also brought blessings to my house in preparation for Amanda's birth May 2008 when you visited to discuss my delivery. Thank you Khefri for being a goddess. I will deliver my first sermon at Walker Temple AME 5/29th. I have been training since 2011 to heal as a psychotherapist. I am now training to heal as a minister. Lots of births. Love + light.” - Victors


"I was experiencing feelings of grief and sadness around the birth of my first child when I decided to reach out to Khefri. The session with her helped me explore these feelings and identify some sensitivities that were triggered by the vulnerable experience of childbirth. She invited me into a beautiful space, complete with crystals, stones, and a beautiful place to sit during the session. Khefri embodies the feeling of a goddess and her peaceful, nurturing, and grounded energy created a safe environment in which felt comfortable sharing, delving into the feelings I was having, and identifying some strategies (with the help of a goddess card reading) for moving forward. I left the session feeling lighter and stronger, and I look forward to our  continued work together."  - Dalia S.


When you ask for Khefri's help, you're not just getting her vast knowledge as a doula, healer, shaman and teacher. You're getting her specific energy which is beyond something practical. Although my son is perfectly healthy and we are very connected, we went through a traumatic birth for which I was unconscious and then was separated from my baby for his first three hours of life. I couldn't recount the story without feeling a deep longing and sadness. I asked Khefri to help me with a difficult time I was having with my son's naps  and nursing and she suggested doing a rebirthing session in my tub. First of all, she completely transformed my bathroom into a healing oasis. Soothing music, incense, essential oils, candles, crystals. I recounted our story as I was submerged in the water and Khefri was gently guiding my meditation and my baby to energetically "rewrite" our birth. I had been worried about being self conscious in the moment, but the session turned out to be so authentic. There was something very real taking place and in the coming days I felt like I had pressed a reset button and let go of the stress I was feeling with my baby. My son also improved from then on. At the end of the session, we pulled from the goddess deck and all three cards were related to the home and the cocoon I was creating for me and my little one. It was perfect. My husband didn't know what I was up to that day, but he came home with a giant bouquet of flowers. The goddess energy was at work! It was a beautiful surprise. In the coming months, I got back to my art and painting and I knew something had shifted.  That's why her coaching works so well- the healing is deep and transformative and the results are instantaneous. Thank you so much Khefri!    -  P. Demestre