Khefri’s guidance was invaluable to our family.”

Throughout my pregnancy and birth experience—from prenatal yoga to our daughter’s birth to the early postnatal period—Khefri’s guidance was invaluable to our family. With a strong presence and a warm heart, Khefri led me away from the fears I had following my first birth experience and to a place where I felt confident and calm going into my second birth. My daughter entered the world easily and peacefully as I followed Khefri’s breathing patterns to literally breathe my baby out.  We couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing woman!

- Sarah G.

“ your classes have literally changed my life."

Two years ago I was scheduled for surgery for a 3 organ prolapse. I had hurt my back and so I had to postpone the surgery. In the meanwhile I began weekly classes with you, and as my back healed from being in yoga, gently doing the stretches, learning how to meditate and activate the “third eye”. I also realized that I wasn't experiencing any of the symptoms from the prolapse at all anymore. I thank God I waited as I am totally healed and do not need the surgery.

My life has changed for the better since beginning weekly classes with you. I feel happier, more at peace with the world. Thank you, thank you, for being the thoughtful, patient, loving, and strong yogi that you are!

— A. B.

" I have never experienced such a meditation and celebration of women."

 I just want to thank you for facilitating such a beautiful meditation last night.  I have never experienced such a meditation and celebration of women, and it felt so familiar, safe and natural! I love learning about how as a woman I am always creating and birthing new things in my life! I left last night feeling a soft radiant feeling all around me, my heart center and womb felt so open - a beautiful feeling.  My intention is to create harmony in my family and I sense more that I need to come from this place of harmony within.
Thank you again
Liz💚🌟 Aneil

Khefri invigorated something within me to fully immerse myself into the role of motherhood."

Khefri is truly something special! Prior to my pregnancy with Ava, I had suffered from a couple of miscarriages. So I carried this pregnancy in fear that it wouldn’t continue to birth. I joined her prenatal yoga class at 7 months with the expectation of staying fit during pregnancy, but I got so much more. This wasn't known to Khefri at the time, but this class helped me pause my fears of motherhood and allow myself to explore the beautiful bond between my daughter and I, while she was in the womb. Khefri invigorated something within me to fully immerse myself into the role of motherhood and envelope my love around my dear, Ava. Her ability to speak to a room full of mother's, yet it being so personalized to you, is impactful and astounding. She is truly a gift to all moms. Thank you. 
- Sara R.

“ A spiritual Bonding experience."

Khefri's prenatal yoga class was something I looked forward to going to every week.  I have taken prenatal yoga for each of my pregnancies and each time it has been a spiritual, bonding experience with my unborn child that I cannot fully explain.  Khefri brought so much knowledge about preparing for childbirth and the options we women have to have the birth that we want.  She empowers women/expecting mothers to strengthen their mind and body through the practice of yoga.  I had such an amazing experience with her, she is an inspiration with a wonderful calm spirit that I took with me after each class and during my birth.  She called us all goddesses, which was very powerful and sweet.  SO thank you Khefri!

- Sheryl Benjy  (yoga "goddess" mamma) 

"You have inspired and supported my development and ability to take creative action."

“Thank you my Comrade Sista, with all my heart. I will be eternally connected to your creative soul as you continue to  help me speak the Manna-festation of my projects into being.

- B. Asante

"I learned so much."

“Khefri's work shop was beautiful. I learned so much.  I thought the information was thorough and unique.”

– Workshop participant


"All your advices, tips, and helping me turn the breech baby!"

First of all, you were a great inspiration… I'm really grateful to meet you in this phase of my life and I know he turned head down because I did everything you told me to do! I'm really grateful for that! If we don't trust and love our instructor is really hard to follow a class... Mainly during pregnancy, we are super vulnerable. You were a big part in this process. I liked the class atmosphere because everyone was there for each other in a very safe environment. All the exercises were very helpful for me, and I used them during my labor. The educational talks and mommy sharing before class started were really empowering as well.

Much love! Beijos,
- Mariana

"filled with discovery and growth and release."

I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and emotional class today and for the classes I've taken with you in the past few months. The Adi Shakti blessing for us 3 women at 40 weeks was simply The Best. The space that you carve out for us has been incredibly special, and I don't take lightly everything that I have learned from being in your room. They have been Tuesdays and beyond filled with discovery and growth and release. And it's a wonderful thing to be enveloped in so much love and safety. Thank you for finding your passion. We are all the richer because of it. - Love and Light,

-Nicole Lemon

SO warm, kind hearted and fun.”

I started coming to Yoga West when I was 15 weeks pregnant with my son. I absolutely love Khefri's prenatal class and looked forward to it every Tuesday. Khefri is an absolute goddess. She is an amazing teacher and doula. She has so much knowledge and keeps up with all the latest news and scientific research related to birthing and mothering. She is so warm, kind hearted and fun. We would dance to Michael Jackson, 70s music, Bhangra, sing Oxun hymns, talk, laugh, cry. It's been amazing and I look forward to the mommy and me classes. 

— Phillipine Demestre

"she positively affected me and helped me achieve the birth that i planned for."

Upon receiving the news that i was pregnant with my first child, I was overcome with new information about pregnancy, child birth, and child raising. Information was pouring in from all directions.  One of the most important new words that i learned early on was Doula- specifically, Labor Doula.  What a concept! A woman who spiritually, emotionally and physically nurtures the pregnant mother. A woman who has much experience with labor and birth, and who knows truly what to do to best support the woman through her laboring journey.

I was so blessed to have crossed paths with Khefri! Upon meeting her in her prenatal yoga class i could feel her positive, guiding feminine energy. Her openness and sincerity made me feel not so alone during difficult moments that my pregnancy entailed.  She shared intimately with me, in a way that made me feel as though i had a friend, not just a labor coach.

We worked together a few times before my labor began, and she taught me such useful tools to manage my labor at home, safely without the use of medication.  I instantly felt comfortable with her, as we discussed the stages of labor, pain, meditation, positions, the power of positive affirmations and hypnobirthing.  Every phone call and text message we exchanged she reminded me to do my work, practice my breathing, do my meditations, write my affirmations, practice my hypno birthing. 

She was a little bird chirping reminders in my ear!

When my water finally broke and the heat turned up i called Khefri. She had spoken with me the day before during the early stages of labor.  All she needed was to hear me for a few contractions over the phone, and she knew it was time for her to come. She arrived quickly after and stayed with me for the next 15 hours.  She provided strength for me that my family and loved ones could not.  She guided me into listening to my own body, making suggestions only when necessary.  She helped me in and out of the bath and shower, we chanted and sang together, she rubbed my back for hours, she reminded me to listen to my music and hypno cds, she made sure i drank and ate.. she was basically ON for hours, by my side.  

My birth was a magical and life changing experience.  There was no screaming nor yelling.  The scene was one of peace and serenity, beautiful music and candle light.  I know that i did my work building up to it, but Khefri helped guide me and encourage me into that work building up to the day. 

I am ever so grateful that Khefri was a part of my experience. I know that she positively affected me and helped me achieve the birth that i planned for.

— Annie

Khefri is wonderful and has a way of making you feel at ease.”

Mommy and me yoga is a nice space to relax - which can be hard with little ones. Khefri is wonderful and has a way of making you feel at ease, even when there are babies running and crawling around. If your baby fusses, you can obviously stop to change them or nurse them and do whatever stretches and poses you possibly can. Everything's all good here. 
-Yelp review Loreann T.

“"Very Useful Tools.”

"This workshop was very helpful and inspiring I enjoyed it very much. She gave me very useful tools and idea to practice yoga in the classroom. What a great way to start the day! All preschools and schools should practice yoga everyday.”
- Participant - BJE Builders of Jewish Education

“Heart Melt!”

"Just heard a story from your yoga mom student who's daughter was having trouble sleeping last night.  She eventually heard her daughter lull herself to sleep with "mmmm...I love my mom, I love my dad, I love my family."  She was singing the song she learned in class. Heart melt! “ - Erin
— E. F.