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The intensive class will provide an educational sanctuary for you and your partner to be well prepared and deeper connected for labor and birth. Many families find themselves with a full schedule and not enough time to take a full series. This intensive will help close the information gap and kickstart a healthy approach to your journey in creating a happy and empowered birth experience. 

Specific tools, techniques, and current evidence based research accompanied by videos, curriculum handouts, physical practice and music will assist learning and embodiment of the methods explored. From the importance of Informed Choice and Decision Making to Active Labor and Pushing Positions, you will be ready to birth your baby!


This Childbirth Education class will include:

Signs of Labor
Support Techniques
Medical Procedures
Birth Plan

  • Signs and Stages of Labor, Birth, Pushing and Skin on Skin Basics

  • Emotional, Physical Support Techniques and Comfort Measures

  • Medical Procedures and Interventions, Pain Medications and Options

  • The Khefri Method: Relaxation of Body & Mind, Breathing & Movement Techniques

  • Birth Plan Preparation

  • Breastfeeding and Skin to Skin at the Hospital or Home

  • The Newest Research and Handouts on Evidence Based Birth Practices


Couples Yoga Birth Prep INTENSIVE

Join other parents for an educational and inspiring time preparing for your new baby’s birth and to celebrate your family to be.

The presence and support of a woman's partner is a powerful aid to labor and delivery. Dedicated practice of relaxation, positioning and breathing can make all the difference to your birth experience. Through effective mind/body techniques, this educational workshop will give conscious parents the power to create a loving and calm childbirth experience. With the latest and most progressive evidence based research, yoga, music, mantra, unique birth videos and meditation.


This Couples Yoga Birth Prep class will include:

  • Emotional and physical support techniques for couples

  • Comfort measures for labor including: rebozo practice and aromatherapy choices

  • The Khefri Method of Deep Relaxation, Hypnotic Release, Breathing, and Movement techniques

  • Visualization, meditation and mantra for pregnancy and birth

  • Yoga positions, sounding methods and breathing for labor and birth

  • Bonding between parents and unborn child

  • This workshop is a perfect compliment to your hospital or home-birth childbirth education series and is recommended anytime during either the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and beginners to yoga are welcome.

Newborn Care plus Postpartum Recovery Methods

Plan for baby’s return home with postpartum recovery expectations and solutions

Are you worried about those first days and weeks once you get home with your newborn? Unsure if you have everything that you need (or maybe too much stuff)? Wondering what to do when your baby cries? What does 'milk coming in' mean anyway? And do babies really need to be swaddled? How hard can it be? Are you prepared for the initial postpartum recovery period? What are your expectations for your family?

Un-ravel the mysteries of Newborn Babies! Get valuable secrets for baby care, recovery measures and important family bonding in the postpartum period. This class will help prepare your family for a great postpartum start whether your birth takes place at the hospital, birth center or home.

This class will bring you the most up to date information on Newborn Care. Class will include hands on practice, ample reading material, discussion and DVD's to review. Join us for a informative and explorative class to ready you for parenthood.


This newborn care class will include:

  • Hands on practice for holding, burping, breastfeeding positions, swaddling and soothing your baby with Happiest Baby of the Block methods reviewed.

  • Videos on newborn hospital procedures and biological reflexes of the infant. 

  • Perineum care, post-cesarean considerations, and circumcision choices

  • Ample reading material and the newest evidence based care handouts and manuals that include home video links for viewing by the entire extended family.

  • Discussions on infant sleep, postpartum recovery, postpartum doulas and postpartum depression screenings and more.

Breastfeeding plus New Mother Comfort Measures

Tips and strategies for infant feeding with emotional and physical comfort for after birth

Breastfeeding can seem a little daunting. The instinctual act of nursing an infant can be wonderful but challenging at times, when the initial hurdles and learning curves are present. This class is an introduction to the most important things to be aware of before beginning to breastfeed with helpful pointers on the initial postpartum period. Partners are encouraged to attend. You will learn how to get started, what to expect in those first weeks home, and where to get support. You will also gain a cozy confidence in knowing how the postpartum experience unfolds when you return home with your new baby. 


This breastfeeding class will include:

  • The Science of Breastmilk, Basic Anatomy and Physiology

  • Positioning and Latch demonstration and practice

  • Common myths, advantages, concerns and solutions

  • Your Breastfeeding Plan

  • Tips and strategies for emotional and physical comfort after birth

  • Support Systems and Resources



Private classes and appointment cancellations: Scheduled appointments must be cancelled by client 24 hours in advance or client will be billed for appointment.

LABP and's educational classes are a fee for service program based on limited confirmed enrollment and secured fees. Therefore, our class policies are applied uniformly and without exception. We require a 48-hour cancellation for refunds. There will be a $50.00 administration fee for cancellations. There are NO REFUNDS if you miss the class.  We will fit you in to the next scheduled session.

Mothers placed on complete bed rest may make-up the class when released from bed rest or make arrangements for a private in home class. Full credit may be applied to a newborn, lactation or postpartum doula home visit for any birth that interferes with your class. (Additional fees will be charged for an in home class)

Due to the nature of our business where a baby may arrive early, we will try and help you in any way we can, however the refund policy is without exception.

Class Series policies: 
Your enrollment and commitment helps make our class community possible. Classes take place when the minimum number of participants are enrolled. Classes can fill quickly and places are not guaranteed. You may sign the waiting list. Class location, times, prices and start dates are subject to change. The standard 6 to 8 week enrollment is the basic package . Feel free to enroll anytime pro-rated. Drop-in's are discouraged due to the intimate family centered nature of the classes. Price includes all absences, credit only given for classes cancelled by teacher. Many teachers are on-call as doulas and reserve the right to a make-up class if a substitute cannot be found. Class coupons and discounts given to re-enrolling students when possible. Inform teacher of any vacation or change when you enroll, make-ups only given if their is space in class and if pre-approved. Refunds given within 72 hours prior to class series or trainings. There will be a $50.00 administration fee for all cancellations. Thank you in advance for your business.