Come learn tools and techniques to enjoy an empowered sensual and sexual life, awakened fertility, powerful creativity and a joyful heart. 

Womb Yoga is a highly conscious and connected practice of yogic technology infused with reproductive system awareness. There is great wisdom in our womb's mystery. It is our first earthly home. The subtle womb wisdom can assist you in mastering your everyday life; family relationships, eating habits, sexual satisfaction, mental functioning, and physical vibrancy.

The Khefri Method of Divine Womb Yoga is a mixture of hatha and kundalini yoga, sense based movement and sound, sexual wellness principles, women's health education, diverse universal teachings and inter-cultural Goddess wisdom. We will breath and communicate with the sex organs, tissues, fluids, hormones, and pheromones of the reproductive system. This enables a woman to process emotions, deeper relax, and release stress, which is integral to longevity, fertility and happiness.

During Divine Womb Yoga sessions we symbolically enter the Womb of the Divine Cosmic Mother to receive nurturing, remember how to love our soulful self, nourish our female sex organs, and come alive with the essence of feminine grace and health. When we are connected to our inner grace, we can guide our communities, our families, our nations and our planet into a harmonious future. I truly believe it begins in the womb.

This is a deeply healing modality that embodies sacred women's wisdom and spiral awareness of the power of creation.