Sensual Birth: The Khefri Method:

love deeper, live sweeter, birth better.

Spiral Wisdom for Birth


Enjoy Sensual Revelations from The Womb! I love mothers, I love being a mother, and because we gotta keep our sparkly Crowns on tight! Hold on… your fantastic sensual birth is coming. I want to help you own your best birth. Add more community and more mantra and more yoga and more walking....and get in your LOVE VORTEX. Birth from this vortex, for you are love!

Access Your Deep Magic

The power and love of the mother body is the primal force. At birth, the unimaginable occurs... we symbolically die upon our own selves. And become Zero. From which ALL comes. Birth is a catalytic and transformative event, that can be quite uplifting and peaceful when you work with the natural forces presenting themselves. The many powerful hormones released at birth are unique to women during labor. These hormones induce trance and an almost afterlife type experience. A new mother is always born from these sacred birth ashes, for birth is a shamanic event. You have now tapped into your own deep magic, somewhat like a quest.  You will go deep into the inner sanctum to birth your precious baby. From this point of surrender you have permission to love deeper, live sweeter, and create the sensual life you have always wanted.


“There is not one birthing, vaginal or cesarean, that I am not in awe of a mother's ability to release a human being from her body cavity. The WHOLY WOMB. One can be empowered through the miraculous or to be quite frank, devastated. The polarity of birth is tremendous. As is the value in the valley.

In the dark of night, the valley seems a chasm filled nightmare, frightening and full of imaginary demons. But as the sun rises, the valley comes alive with effervescent florescent daffodils and monarch butterflies, mating in the sun. The valley has never changed. Our perspective of the valley has. The illusion of day and night. Pain and Pleasure. Vaginal or Cesarean.

As pregnant women, we all must walk through the valley. Is your head head high in acceptance? Bowed in reverence? Do you crawl sensually in surrender? Do you allow the false demons of fear and patriarchal protocols to control your valley experience? I would hope that all women will accept this walk through the valley as the ultimate in modern rites of passage. And my work is to prepare them for this sojourn. Like the vast ocean from which we have sprung- It is always in treacherous peace. And it is always a miracle.”



I recommend chanting Adi Shakti to support your experience.