Celestial Mommy and Me classes create an environment for both parent and child to flourish in the never-ending dance of parenting and child-being. We gather together, we share information, we talk, we practice mindfulness, we celebrate our strengths and we honor our challenges.

Teaching and mothering allows us to reclaim the wisdom of sacred woman, honoring the tradition of the ‘grandmother’ or ‘wise woman’ of the world’s many combined heritages. You are a part of a lineage that includes, midwives, medicine women, great aunties, plentiful nursemaids, mighty amazons, and sensual muses. You are a Goddess!

Celestial Mommy and Me participants take an intuitive approach to community building with woman and children. From here many wonder-filled moments will transpire. The precious bond that exists between the mother, father, and child will be nourished and deepened to grow stronger for effects that last a lifetime.

NEW MOTHER Support Group Info:

(0-6months) This new mother and baby support group is a safe haven to nurture new moms as they enter the magical, mysterious and often crazy-making challenges of motherhood. This class will consciously celebrate the transitions new moms face while learning and sharing within a community. Along with making new friends, there will be plenty of time to share and ask questions as we explore topics such as: infant development and play, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, postpartum identity, natural remedies, self-care, and infant sleep. Mindfulness practices such as gratitude, affirmation, meditations, and fun baby yoga techniques will be gently explored.  Resources for ongoing support, information and consultation will be available. Lactation appointments available.


A mother’s inherent ability to trust, know, move, and engage her baby is God given. This natural way of being brings about yogic movement, deeper breathing, and a calmer state of mind. “

- Khefri

“One of our jobs as teachers and parents is to remind our young ones of what they already know and help them develop this inner wisdom.”

- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa,  Born Yogis