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This program is a journey into the realm of DIVINE MOTHERHOOD. It is the time to claim our matriarchal thrones as gatekeepers of the Earth. Mothers are the healers, the shamans, the spiritual midwives, the visionaries and the heart of this Planet. As Priestesses of the modern world, our homes, bedrooms, and backyards are our temples. How can we consecrate new ground within our Inner Temple? Through the awakening of our mental, physical, emotional and etheric bodies... Through the Womb Wide Web... Through the self application of THE MOTHER BALM.

By participating in ancient spiritual practices, as a global community of women, we directly support the development of intuition, grace and womb consciousness. As individual caregivers to our children, partners and parents, our cup MUST be continuously filled to embody our sacred role.


The Mother Balm program is for ALL WOMEN WHO ARE MOTHERS, in all phases of Motherhood. Collectively, and with commitment, we generate immense power, activating the Mother as Priestess - the one who creates from wisdom and compassion.

When we become conscious of our inner nature, we connect to the realm of possibility and the Cosmic Womb - the realm of The Divine Mother. Activating our highest destiny and consciousness, we come more powerful that an atomic bomb. 

We are THE BALM.


The mother balm is:

  • Comfort and Spiritual Self Care Measures for Mothers

  • Creation of Sacred Space for Transformation

  • Meditations that Redirect Chaos to Creativity

  • Divine Feminine Mystery Teachings

  • Yoga and Sensual Movement to Elevate Emotion to Devotion

  • Monthly Study of Cross Cultural Goddesses and Universal Feminine Archetypes

  • Many Other Sacred Gifts to Support Your Awakening to the Great Mystery

  • We begin in the ripeness of who we are now. We rebirth our new consciousness as completion.


the program:

  • 1 Group Video Conference Gathering per Month

  • 1 Private Video Or Call Session Per Month For Each Woman

  • Weekly Inspirational Emails

  • Instructional Video and Audio Practices: Yoga, Meditation, Ritual

  • Hand Blended Herbal Preparations Mailed To You

  • Womb Steam, Herbal Baths, Facials, and Herbal Tisane Recipes

  • Fertility Cycle Charting

  • Female Anatomy Study

  • Private and Confidential Facebook Group: A Sacred Virtual Temple For Us To Gather and Share Our Experiences Of Awakening to the Divine Mother.

awaken the Ancient Mystery of divine mother within you with this online immersion in spiritual Self-Care and comfort measures for evolved motherhood


Enjoy the program in real time or on Mommy time (when you bend time and carve the space). All practices are recorded and shared in the online resources. Your commitment to yourself and the other Mothers in the temple will light up the womb wide web that we are tapping into for great transformation and grace.  

Benefits of the program:

  • Cultivation of Spiritual Health

  • Gentle Allowance of Unconditional Love

  • Develop a Steadiness for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Expansion

  • Receive Support to Move through Inevitable Change

  • Rejuvenation, Vitality and Increased Sleep

  • Experience Psychic Development

  • Reconnection to our Ancestors

  • Acknowledgment of the Mother and Father Root

  • Honoring Our Feelings as We Move Into Tantra

  • Renewed Sexuality (Sexual Health)

  • Maturation into Full Sensual Beings - Maturation of our Sensual Expression

  • Nourishment & Nurturing - Female Anatomy: the Complete Mental, Physical, Emotional Matrix

The guided exercises and meditations helped me to heal trauma I was holding in my body, and even more, the group dynamics that were created through Khefri’s leadership facilitated this healing process as well. I was even more struck at how each group is led differently based on the level of vulnerability, openness, and willingness of each group’s collective of women, which conveyed the adaptability of the offerings of Khefri’s wisdom and gifts.
— New Mother, J. Robinson
I am absorbing so much wisdom and affirmation from these videos. Gratitude...I am actively healing my relationship with my daughters. My eldest was a cesarean and was never laid naked on my chest at birth—she was wrapped up and taken away to the nursery while I was alone in a recovery room. I never fully understood how that has affected my relationship with her since the very beginning. And how it’s affected her internal struggle. I am filled with so much understanding and sadness of what we lost in that precious time, but now I can go forward to repair, renew, rejoice the growth of mother/daughter love. Gratitude to Sokhna, LOVE.
— Yin, Mother of 2
You helped me reconnect with the feminine energy ….grounding us with mother earth, connecting with our breath and opening our bodies and minds in a sensual and expansive way. Creating that space was so powerful and I felt how much it helped me/us connect with ourselves and our creativity. I think a lot of women lose that sensual and creative connection to themselves after they have children (myself included) so it was inspiring to practice with you and feeling the free flowing positive feminine energy you bring.
— Julie Sanders, Mom of 2

Your Mother Balm Guides:

Sensual High Priestesses Sokhna Heathyre Mabin and Khefri Riley

Sokhna Heathyre Mabin

Mama, Yogini, Certified Doula, Certified Herbalist, BA in Psychology, BS in Education, CYT800, Perinatal Counselor

Sokhna Heathyre, visionary of MamaSutra Loving Arts, is a elementally embodied woman who has enjoyed life while collecting the components of traditional healing arts. She has toured internationally as performance artist and vocalist, and held yoga retreats around the world. A practicing yogini since 1992, Sokhna teaches a sensory awakening style of Hatha-embraced Kundalini Yoga. Her healing modalities include Yoga, herbs, flower essences, cupping, listening, intuiting, psychology, and sound/vibrational therapies.  Sokhna bows deeply in continuous reverence to her beloved teachers:  her Beloved Cubs, her Sacred Relationship, Robin Janis, Laughing Lotus Yoga School,  Queen Afua & the priestesses of Smai Tawi, Krishna Kaur Khalsa, DONA, Ancient Song Doulas, Amy Jo Goddard, Karen Rose, Julia Graves, Myrna & Ken Martin, Melissa Spamer,  Rama Jyoti Vernon, Aditi Devi, Laura Antelmi, Wendelin Scott, Amy Spurlock, and Julie Chase. 

Sokhna became a mother through the experience of 2 miscarriages, the transition of her parents, and the birth of her 2 children - one via a "necesarean' and the other a transformational home vaginal birth after cesarean (HVBAC). Sokhna has been featured in MOTHERING, Kundalini Awakening, and Paper Magazines and e-zine MindBodyGreen. 

She has appeared on The Lisa Oz Show, as well as blog-talk radio shows, sharing the connection of sacred sensuality, mantra, herbs and mothering. A leading edge visionary of sacred fertility and creativity, Sokhna has taught 7 Yoga  Trainings since 2007 and "Embodied Anatomy" Workshops since 2009.  In 2016 she launched her first doula training and became the first doula in the Michigan Healthy Babies Heatlhy Start Program.  She leads women through year long Svadhyayas - self studies, and is a co-facilitator of the 10 Day Womb Cleanse with Anita Teresa. Contact Sokhna at and 

Khefri Riley CLEC, CPYT, HCHD

Women’s Mysteries Mentor, Yogini-Doula, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, Childbirth and Prenatal Yoga Expert, Ordained Minister, Mama

Khefri is the founder of  Urban Goddess Lifestyle. Her lineage has roots grown from birth and story keepers, with divine feminine inspiration from her paternal great-grandmother, a Cherokee granny midwife from the South. Khefri delights in sharing her 15 years experience as a women’s yoga teacher, certified prenatal kundalini yoga teacher, certified lactation educator counselor from University of California San Diego, birth and postpartum doula, certified kids yoga teacher, infant and childbirth educator. She has attended over 250 births, serving thousands of woman, children and families in the educational sector and in private practice since 2002. Khefri is honored to teach her unique Divine Womb Yoga, Pregnancy Goddess Yoga, & Sensual Birth Methods at Yoga West Los Angeles.

Practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation since she was 19, Khefri found Kundalini Yoga 16 years ago during the pregnancy and natural water-birth of her son Zen Reign Supreme. She is grateful to her teachers; Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa of Golden Bridge, Hypnobabies, Davi Kaur Khalsa, Krishna Kaur Khalsa, Judy Chapman, Doulas of North America, and elders Glenial Van Johnson, Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets and Shri Natha Devi Premananda Mataji.

Khefri has worked internationally throughout Europe and Africa in the development of award winning cultural events, interactive content and educational programming.  She has delivered kids yoga, childbirth and mindfulness based public health workshops for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Kaiser-Permanente Hospital and The Fresno Department of Mental Health. Her classes have been featured in People Magazine, NBC & Fox Ch. 11 News. Her poetry has been published in many anthologies, notably the Woman's Press & Blackwater Review. She is passionate about preserving the art of the intuitive wise woman through everyday divine experiences. 


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