Birth and Postpartum Doulas for your family


WE look forward to serving your family.

Just want to thank you for guiding me through the two most unbelievable experiences of my life! I think of my natural births often when I see my two crazy, happy, energetic, smart, beautiful, frustrating and truly amazing children. My natural births are among the moments in my life that I am most thankful and proud of. I couldn’t have done it without you! You are an amazing woman, teacher, guider and momma!
— Mama Tara Kowalski

Khefri's Urban Goddess Doula Agency

A Progressive Doula Practice

Your Circle of Support

Our continuum of services gives you full perinatal and postpartum care.

Initial state of care intake may include: -Client assessment phone or email -Consult of birth class choices  -Doctor or midwife choices if wishing change -Physical activity and nutritional referrals -Doula care handouts and PDF supplements -Holistic care referrals -Mental health referrals -Pediatrician referrals

1st Prenatal Intake consult: -Review your personal and medical history -Emotional and mental needs assessment for birth processes -Individualize action plan if outside referrals needed -Birth plan consultation and review -May include one on one videos/educational sheets/physical enactments

2nd Prenatal Prep consult: -Supplementary birth education to ensure preparation -Birth practice of breathing relaxation visualization  -Lactation consult -Breastfeeding support and education as needed -Birth plan completion -Referrals to professionals per unique needs and support

Email support: -Follow up as per your individual needs -Birth prep documents -Specialist articles and Specialist Referrals -Communication how are your caregiver visits going  -Questions answered as needed  -Post Partum care plan to prepare for recovery

Birth support: -On call 24 hours 2 weeks before and after due date -Early labor assessment and phone support -The 3 R's: Response, Reassurance and Relaxation -Attendance at birth during active labor joining at home or hospital -Documentation of birth via pictures and video when possible -Breastfeeding and Lactation consultation -Biological Nurturing support

Examples of birth support: -Changing of labor positions -Physical support with massage and movement -Breathing techniques and focus techniques -Or ‘hands off’ as client needs -Birth plan reminding -Pushing positioning -Final assurance of baby on breast and stable mother

Post Partum visit: -Birth processing -Photo documentation sharing -Lactation Consultations and Breastfeeding support -Post Partum Mental Heath Screening

When considering the presence of a doula at your birth, keep in mind the documented benefits a birth doula can offer.

-Cesarean birth reduction by 50 percent.

-Length of labor reduction by 25 percent.

-Fewer epidural requests by 60 percent.

-A reduction in oxytocin (pitocin) use by 40 percent.

-A reduction in analgesia (narcotic) use by 30 percent.

-A reduction in forceps or vacuum extraction delivery by 30 percent.


How could a night doula help you?

1. Sleep with peace. You can’t help but jump out of bed with each new sound your baby makes. An overnight doula will be right there to tend to your baby so you can sleep peacefully, knowing your baby will be looked after.

2. Support with night breastfeeding. Night feeding can be difficult if you aren’t aware of a baby’s early cues that hunger is mounting. Your night doula will be present to attend to your baby, take note of early hunger cues, and bring your baby to you before she is frustrated. Your night doula will help with of all the burping, changing and soothing baby back to sleep, so you can rest.

3. Companionship in the wee hours. If you are awake and need emotional support while you and your baby are learning how to breastfeed, having a non-judgmental person there to encourage you can be incredibly helpful. A night doula can also help with positioning and getting a great latch.

4. A night doula will have up to date information on all things “baby”, and what might be best for your
parenting style. With new information and products being released all the time, your doula will help you be confident in the choices you are making for you child.

5. A night doula will be present and available for you as a safe and judgement-free witness to your introduction into parenthood. As you learn what is best for you and best for your baby, you can have hands on support encouraging you to develop confidence at your own
— By: A Swift Doula

You deserve a great start with Postpartum Care Professionals!

Postpartum Doulas, Parent Educators and Lactation Counselors. and Los Angeles Birth Partners trained professionals provide the expert in-home care you need for your expanding family. A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Research shows that moms, dads and babies have an easier time with this transition if a good support team is in place. We help to “mother the mother (parent)”. Our doulas take a family centered, community oriented approach to care-giving and consider the physical, emotional, and practical needs of the entire family to ensure a worry and stress-free start.

Postpartum doula care duties may include:

• Breastfeeding support • Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth • Light housekeeping so that birthing person does not feel so overwhelmed • Running errands • Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting • Light meal preparation • Baby soothing techniques • Sibling care • Referrals to resources: classes, pediatricians, lactation support and support groups

Our Postpartum Professionals Provide:

  • Daytime Shifts (Minimum 4 hours)
  • Nighttime shifts (8-12 hours)
  • 24 hour Care
  • Lactation Counseling (Private Session)
  • Infant Sleep Counseling (Private Session)

Rates vary on experience and availability:

  • $35-$75 per hour for postpartum doula
  • $150-$250 per visit for Lactation Consult
  • $350-$600 for Infant Sleep Consulting

WELCOME TO OUR DOULA PRACTICE has worked with Los Angeles Birth Partners Doula Practice and Referral Service, located in Santa Monica CA, for 16 years. We offer expert care and support to help families make informed choices and experience their own best birth. We support your personal birth choices and are dedicated tohelping each family have a healthy and positive birth. We offer a variety of Education Classes for Birth, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care, Postpartum Doula support, and Lactation Consults. We want your family to experience a joyful transition to parenthood.


What is a Doula Practice?

A Doula Practice, sometimes called a Doula Circle, is a group of several doulas who work together, sharing call time and other client responsibilities. We are a team of birth professionals providing expert doula support to women in Los Angeles County. We are all deeply dedicated to our clients and birth work. As “women serving women” with our own families and responsibilities, we recognize the need for strong mentoring and partnerships so that we may provide our clients with the highest quality of care and support. For every client, our prenatal care starts from the moment we are contracted with you. We are also on call 24/7 from 38 weeks through birth and our postpartum visit – that can be up to 6 weeks of call time for one family! There are many variables that can happen within those 6 weeks – an emergency trip out of town, a flu or virus, unforeseen personal obligations, respite days or nights, an elder with illness, a night up late with a sick child… By working together as a team, collaborating expertise, our doulas may share call for your birth with additional “emergency” backup doulas if ever needed. We are able to not only guarantee our availability and the highest quality of support to our clients, but to allow them the benefits of our combined years of experience, knowledge and expertise. We all work from the same philosophy – that birth should be a strengthening and empowering experience in a person’s life, and a doula is there to support and encourage you in having the birth experience that is right for your family. We offer our knowledge and experience as a tool for you to make your own decisions, and provide caring, positive support to mom or birthing person, partner and family before, during and after birth.

What are the benefits of being the client of a doula practice?

• Your doula is there just for you : Your primary doula’s main goal is to provide continuous care and to attend your birth. WE ARE THERE FOR YOU AND ARE EXCITED TO MEET YOUR BABY! In a thriving doula circle, doulas often take on several due dates at a time. In the event that two births overlap, or 3 births happen 3 days in a row, it is comforting to know that because you have hired a fabulous team, your doula will be well rested and full of great energy at your birth!

• Feel at ease with your back-up: Every doula must work with a back-up in case of emergencies. You may get the opportunity to meet this person once, or you may not. In our doula practice, if and when possible, you are given the option of meeting our doulas in Meet the Doula events, personal sessions, skype, or phone, so that you will be comfortable with whom may attend your birth. You will still receive personalized one-on-one attention and support during the entirety of your active labor from your primary doula (and our back-up circle) as needed, without having to worry about your doula getting sick, or being unavailable for any other unexpected reason.

• Loving care from your birth team: You will benefit from having the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of a team of women instead of just one. We mentor and collaborate. For example: One of our doulas is an award winning childbirth educator, another a certified nutrition consultant, another specializes in prenatal yoga, another in lactation and postpartum, etc. Together we offer you a wide variety of knowledge and specialties to draw from. Between your initial consultations, prenatal appointments, and phone/email support, you will greatly benefit from our varying experiences and perspectives on all matters of birth, prenatal and postpartum care.

• A circle of support with a wealth of knowledge: We believe strongly in supporting women, birthing people and new parents, and that includes supporting the individuals in our practice who are birthworkers, have families, and need to be on call 24/7 for an entire work year. The Doula Practice was created with the intention of supporting women and people in all areas of motherhood/parenthood, and because working together as a cooperative allows us greater access to shared expertise, we feel that this creates an innovative and happier working relationship with our clients whom we often work with for many babies to come!

* Doulas are independant contractors who are referred and vetted within our guidelines of care. You will contract with your doula privately.

Khefri is deeply connected with the earth, has a rich soul, and shares knowledge rooted in ancient tradition. All the while, she has a spirit that is light and free that keeps her present in the here-and-now, which offers her the gift of sharing wisdom relevant to modern society. Her expansive ability supplies her the fuel to help women, men, and babies on their journey through transition, be it prenatal, postpartum, feeding, sleeping, or identity shifts through changing roles as parents. She holds the space to allow life to emerge, while her myriad experiences offer concrete facts to guide the experience.
— Jennifer, mother of Juniper
I had an unplanned Cesarean birth with my first child after 4 days of labor, during which I never passed 4 cm dilation. So much fear came up over those 4 days, and by the time my daughter was born I was shaking with sadness. When I was pregnant with my second child, and very much wanted a VBAC birth, I knew I needed a doula that could help me stay connected to my strength and spiritual center. I was referred to Khefri by a dear friend, and having her present at the birth of my son was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We met before and I was able to write and cry and further process my daughter’s birth (which I now know was the birth we needed to have) as well as create the vision for my son’s. I loved reading that articles she sent, and more importantly, being in her yoga class each week. In that room I connected to breath and movement that I used during my 11 hours of active labor including 2 1/2 hours of pushing. During my labor, I trusted Khefri completely. She took such gorgeous care of me—I felt loved and championed, and she played such a huge part in getting me through that moment when I simply didn’t think i could do it anymore. I will never forget the atmosphere in the room during labor—the mantras I’d chosen (several of them learned in Khefri’s class), the soft light, the smells of the oils she had in the air. She reminded me over and over again that I could do it. She held a quiet strong empowered space for me and supported my husband completely. My son’s birth was beautiful. I am now pregnant with my third, and my doctor asked immediately if Khefri would be at this birth—she loved her too. I can’t say enough magical wonderful things about Khefri as a teacher and doula and resource to all mamas.
— Mama Melanie L.