Birthing with AH! 

Mommies, Learn to manifest your AH!mazing birth, for the wonderful experience you deserve.



You CAN have a calm, beautiful, and loving birth experience. Learn how to make this happen now!The POWER of SOUND can attract the birth that YOU choose to MANIFEST. The sounds AH! and OM! will assist you in creating the birth you deserve. Create a CALM, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL BIRTH EXPERIENCE NOW!

Birthing with AH! helps women and their partners manifest the birth they desire with evidence-based childbirth education and the all-powerful mantra, AH!

Learn the AH! Birth Technique created specifically to help you manifest your dream birth.

You have the innate primal ability to create a fearless and magical birth. Go deep within to ignite more of your power to birth intuitively and sensually. The world needs both women and men to lead, love, and birth courageously for all future generations! It begins at birth. Begins with AH!

Use the power of sound, visualization, evidence based childbirth education, and sacred yogic movement to create the birth you are wanting. The use of mindfulness and sound helps families feel able to navigate the many choices and pathways that childbirth can take. This course utilizes practical preparation, the law of attraction and mind/body science to support healthy outcomes during childbirth.

Learn how the specific meditative sounds AH, OM, and other mantras can provide you with strength, vision, and primal ability to have a natural birth in the hospital or home environment. The program will also help families be prepared for when birth plans change and the unexpected happens.

-Learn the manifestation meditations.
-Practice breathing techniques. 
-Embody positions for labor & delivery
-Reveal your birth plan 

Enjoy this powerful preparation for birth and parenthood.

“AHHHHHH! Your way into a powerful birth experience. Find out how to use the sound AH! to prepare for your best birth and for use during your birthing contractions. These contractions of the uterus - or whatare often called "Pressure Waves or Surges" are powerful sensations you and your baby can ride and conquer with your mind, soul and sound! Come find out how with Birthing with AH!.”